Conspiracy Theory of Everything 2 ~ The Disconnection of our Soul

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14 min readMar 16, 2021

This is where our conspiracy theory of everything will get dark… and I mean dark. In the disconnection of the soul, the ego runs rampant, and this is the source of our suffering and how the elite controls us. For this, I must offer you a warning… We must be aware of humanity’s horrific nature if there is to be any healing done, light must be brought to darkness, and the darkness must be faced if we ever wish to solve our problems for good. Be warned that the following contains mature subject matters and may offend some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

There is a sickness deep in the heart of human consciousness, a putrid evil that is running rampant through the underbelly of modern society, rarely seen and discussed in public, but is the ultimate source of all of our misery, our suffering. This evil masks itself on the world’s surface appearance, with the pretense that everything is okay, life is good, and look at all of the fun that we’re having! However, this illusion is a false reality as the Demiurge, and in fact, they are simply a reflection of each other — as above, so below.

This evil takes its roots on many levels. One of the darkest ways it manifests is in the form of sexual energy manipulation and pedophilia.

Jeffrey Epstein was the first public domino, a sick and twisted person, or soulless ego if you will, who arranged and organized a sizeable sex-trafficking ring of women and girls, often underage, abusing them, raping them, and forcing them to have sex not just with himself, but with other high profile individuals. Very notably was Prince Andrew of the British royal family, with an accusation from a woman named Virginia Roberts that Epstein forced her to have sex with the Prince on at least three separate occasions.

The overwhelming evidence suggests that Prince Andrew is guilty, and he nearly incriminated himself during his BBC interview attempting to respond to these allegations. In this interview, Prince Andrew claims that his final meeting with Epstein was purely to tell him “I am cutting off contact with you,” but then stayed at Epstein’s place for three days while young women were observed being brought into and out of the home repeatedly during that time. When questioned why he was there for three days, he claims it was purely a convenient location to stay while he was in town, and he never saw any of these women, despite a claim that he observed him getting a foot massage from a young woman inside the house during that time…

As mentioned, Epstein was a domino — revealing a much larger sex-trafficking ring that is going on worldwide, as we know definitively that Bill Clinton had been to Epstein Island — Jeffreys favorite place to take and rape young women — at least 20 times, and Hilary Clinton has been there at least six times, along with an impressive list of high profile individuals who have also visited this remote island in the virgin islands.

The question then… is how big, and how deep… does this go? If Prince Andrew — the Duke of York, was this heavily involved with Epstein, who else might be connected with this network of pedophiles and rapists? What else might a coalition which invites the Earth’s most influential members and ignores such sacred principles the rest of society follows be scheming to control? The Epstein Scandal was akin to tripping over something big, and it’s up to us to pull back the curtains and reveal what’s going on.

The stories and conspiracy theories around this go very deep, suggesting that at the highest level, the ruling elite of the world sustain themselves on the energy of the innocent — that pedophilia and rape gives an individual a high, taking one purity, shattering one’s innocence, giving them a feeling of power and authority over others through horrifying sexual energy manipulation. But this isn’t even the worst part — with stories of Adrenochrome, a compound formed by the oxidation of adrenaline in the body, created naturally in the body when we experience extreme fear and stress. The theory suggests that the ruling elite of the world use children in insidious rituals, torturing them and draining their blood, extracting the Adrenochrome and injecting it within themselves — providing them with heightened energy and the appearance of youthfulness, among other things.

It should be known that Adrenochrome first made it big due to Aldous Huxley’s 1954 book “The Doors of Perception,” discussing the nature of Adrenochrome, and was later referenced in Hollywood movies including A Clockwork Orange with “Drenchrom,” as well as in the film “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” which many suggest is the true origin of this theory. However, while this may make it easy to dismiss the idea, certain anomalies stand out when investigating this material.

The biggest may be the conspiracies and scandals surrounding Hilary Clinton, and a particular laptop previously owned by former US Politician, Anthony Weiner. Now, this has the potential to be a very long exposition — but in a nutshell, on November 4th, 2016, Erik Prince appeared on Breitbart radio. He outlined the discoveries on the Weiner Laptop that was being blocked by Attorney General Lynch. He said they found state department emails. They found many other, really damning criminal information, including money laundering, along with the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Sidney Powell at Hillsdale College called out the FBI, claiming there is a lot that can be prosecuted there, and that some of the police officers who initially were investigating the laptop saw some things that made them have to go and throw up. Shortly after that, the NYPD Chief who was directly involved in Anthony Weiner’s laptop case killed himself, or at least — so the story goes. Then again, the official story is that Epstein killed himself. However, investigations into the nature of his death call all of this into question, essentially suggesting that his death was not a suicide at all but that he had information that could have used to prosecute many other high-level individuals. Someone shut him up before he had the chance to speak. As far as Hilarys emails go, many claimed that certain codewords were being used consistently to refer to children for use in strange and mysterious events.

Of course, the conspiracy gets even darker from there, suggesting that at the highest level, the control and manipulation of our species come from a nonhuman source, those of a reptilian nature. The theory suggests that Epstein was merely one messed up a pawn in a much larger game of controlling and influencing the world order. Theories range as to whether or not these reptilians are physical shapeshifters, nonphysical entities who exploit people’s minds, or a scapegoat theory for something else entirely. This was illustrated very well in the movie “They Live” — showing people as weird aliens who used a particular signal from a radio tower to mask their appearance from the public but were otherwise living amongst us and enslaving our mass consciousness. You can watch our video breakdown on this on our channel, and as always, do your research.

Nevertheless, the ones pulling all of the strings are called today “The Deep State,” the manipulative group controlling human consciousness through nefarious means. So the mysteries of who is behind it aside, how exactly do the world elite maintain human consciousness? Due to the sheer volume of control mechanisms, I’m going to provide a lighter overview, and you are encouraged to explore these as you see fit.

Fear & Scarcity

At the highest level of control, fear is one of the easiest methods to control the mass population. This is a two-way street that binds the influence from the elite and us together, for we actively perpetuate the problem when we live from fear and scarcity, spreading it around to each other like a nasty virus. Fear can be used to corral people in all directions, take actions that are not in their best interest, or give up their power and control to others.

Our Food

For the most part, all of the food we’re eating today is toxic, designed to subdue our creative energy, making us quickly addicted to unhealthy things. Whether it’s processed foods rich with salt, sugar, fat, or even our produce, it has been chemically engineered or sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Even Looking to a large company such as Monsanto, has patented seed and GMO production, disallowing the ancient practice of saving seeds, ultimately controlling the food supply, masking it as “providing the world food.”

Now, we’ve recently published a movie called “Healing your body with food — Spirit Science 33,” — which reveals the truths about food and where it comes from, so we won’t get super deep into it here because there’s a lot to cover — but if you want to go deeper into this, please go and watch that movie after this one is done. Ultimately though, the bottom line appears to be that we are what we eat, and most of us eat far too much and consume too many harmful food substances..

Fluoride in the Water

Some have said that Fluoride is the metaphorical tears of the New World Order and that it is their most widely used weapon against us. In a nutshell, the idea is that governments put fluoride in our water supply to affect huge populations negatively and facilitate mass control, whether for financial gain through the health defects that it causes or to disrupt our connection to the spiritual planes. Any quick search of a “Fluoride conspiracy” brings up notions that it calcifies the pineal gland, the organ in our brain that is often linked to consciousness and the third eye. The idea of the pineal gland being linked with consciousness originally came from the French philosopher Desecrates, who argued that the interaction between non-local consciousness and the physical world occurred inside it.

Suppose you dig into why water fluoridation began. In that case, you find a convoluted, suspicious mess..mostly centering around the aluminum production company ALCOA, who supposedly had a lot of toxic waste to spare that took the form of fluoride as a by-product of aluminum production. After a single biochemist -who was sponsored by them, showed in a lab that Fluoride affected cavities in rats, in 1939, so the story goes, the first public proposal that the US should fluoridate its water supplies was made….not by a doctor…but by an industry scientist.

Nowadays, our water is Fluoridated in over 24 countries, mostly in the Western World. According to chemist and researcher Charles E Perkins, who wrote the book The Truth About Water Fluoridation, repeated doses of tiny amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual’s power to resist domination by slowly poisoning a specific area of the brain, thus making them submissive to the will of those who wish to govern them.

While there are unsupported theories that the Nazis used the chemical in concentration camps or the USSR in their Gulags, Fluoride’s threat isn’t just a theory. The work of Jennifer Luke in the 90s showed that by old age, the pineal gland contains about the same amount of fluoride as teeth, having been calcified as we age. Further, a significant review on fluoride toxicity published by the National Research Council in 2006 reported a range of adverse side effects from fluoride, including decreased melatonin production and other products on normal pineal function, which in turn could contribute to a variety of harmful effects in humans.

Studies from Harvard and China’s Shanghai Health Institute may have linked Fluoride to reduced IQ in children and even suggest that it could be toxic to a developing brain. As well as being linked to certain types of cancer, it’s also been shown to destroy the male reproductive system in rabbits. The bottom line is, the benefit-to-risk ratio on water fluoridation is unclear due to lack of good evidence, with most people not even knowing they’re drinking it.

If the “conspiracy theories” is believed, professors doing this research have been met with numerous attempts to discredit them. Stephen Peckham — director of the Centre for Health Services at the University of Kent, and professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the University of Toronto — has had his research of water fluoridation rejected from dental health journals. He’s even spoken out about being accused of “statistics-hacking” and for the study that linked fluoride and hypothyroidism. Someone does not want this info getting out.

Entertainment & Subliminal Messaging

The Entertainment industry has been a conspiracy source for a long time, with often disturbing subliminal messages in children’s entertainment, such as references to suicide and sex found in everything from Disney Movies to Spongebob. Still, it usually goes more profound and darker. The entertainment industry, especially Disney, has seen several hiring young children, making them into celebrities, making a fortune off of them, and driving them insane. This has also happened with the KPop industry. Their so-called slave contracts force the young singers into decades of servitude, having them work nearly 18 hour days (check) and running them to the point of exhaustion. There are even instances of these young singers collapsing on stage due to fatigue, which has happened more than a few times. This also links back to the conversation of pedophilia networks, for many celebrities have now spoken out about how bad Hollywood is for Pedophilia, including people like Brad Pitt, Elijah Wood, and Evan Rachel Wood Corey Feldman.

The News

The news often perpetuates a story that things are bad and getting worse. There is a consistent theme from the report of toxicity — and as people watch this in mass, we come to believe it, thus perpetuating it. The people are running the news command more attention by spreading this kind of information because bad news gets more attention than positive stories. Therefore, we continue to create this reality. When you are continually looking at the world negatively, you are not looking at your light. You don’t even know that there is light within you; there is only darkness, shadows, and frightening imagery… and so what happens, but humanity falls further and further into a world of self-created delusion.

It’s also worth mentioning that even the local News is ultimately both written for and controlled by a unified source, regardless of the network. Just watch this clip, and you’ll see how bad it is. *Play short clip that shows like 20 different news stations all saying the same thing word for word* (1:30 about here —

Mass Surveillance

The medal of honor for revealing this goes to Edward Snowden, the whistleblower. He brought to the collective attention how the US and UK Government’s secret service could spy on everyone, tracking metadata, watching where you go and what you’re up to. The first program to be revealed was PRISM, which allows for court-approved direct access to Americans’ Google and Yahoo accounts and everything in them. Then came Tempora, a British black-ops surveillance program run by the NSA’s British partner, GCHQ..this included call databases, numbers, text messages, and even a secret court order requiring Verizon to hand the NSA millions of Americans’ phone records daily.

One of Snowden’s most frightening statements came in 2013, where he explained that -by using the XKeyscore program: “I, sitting at my desk [could] wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant to a federal judge or even the president, if I had a personal email.” The NSA’s top-secret black budget, obtained by Snowden, exposed the successes and failures of over 16 spy agencies comprising the U.S. intelligence community and revealed that the NSA was paying U.S. private tech companies for clandestine access to their communications networks. All in all….It was revealed that the NSA was harvesting millions of email and instant messaging contact lists, searching email content, tracking and mapping the location of cell phones, undermining attempts at encryption via Bullrun and that the agency was using cookies to piggyback on the same tools used by Internet advertisers to pinpoint targets for government hacking and to bolster surveillance. And yet, after all of this info being dropped, it has mysteriously disappeared from mainstream discussion….

Our Belief Systems — We do it to ourselves.

At some level, we have to take responsibility for ourselves — as easy as it may be to point the finger at the ruling elite — and there’s no question, justice must be served. We must also recognize ourselves as a part of the problem through our own beliefs, herd mentality, lack of mindfulness, and unwillingness to strive for wisdom if we wish to be a part of the solution. I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s more severe than ever — “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

As Bruce Lipton has demonstrated with his groundbreaking work in Epigenetics, our very beliefs affect our biological systems in profound and very impactful ways. If we believe we can live a happy life, we can — but if we think it’s impossible, we shut off our cells and our bodies from receiving and experiencing life satisfaction. Further, people will often try and rope their friends into their belief systems to validate their opinions and perspectives. So what we have is a mass field of consciousness trying to push its beliefs onto everyone else, and the truth is often lost.

Generally speaking, all of this unconsciousness keeps us small, and we do it to ourselves. The collective mindset often appears to lack any interest in education, learning, wisdom, or connecting with truth — and in this, may compel us to outrageous levels of stupidity. Humans are notorious for doing incredibly dumb things, and in today’s day and age, these things are captured on camera for us all to see, which fills up Reddit and youtube channels to no end. For example, scrolling through Reddit’s r/whatcouldgowrong channel will bring endless laughter at the stupid things people do every day. Yet, it is also a clear reflection of our lack of ability to exercise higher conscious wisdom generally. If we want to evolve, we have to do better.

From the very top of the chain to the very bottom — it seems clear that there is a problem. At the beginning of this section, we said sickness is running through the underbelly of human consciousness. While we have explored the idea that this sickness may be perpetuated and inflicted upon us by a demonic consciousness, whether it’s just sick twisted psychopaths, or a reptilian species, or demonic entities themselves — the truth is that we actively perpetuate it by staying asleep, pessimistic, and disconnected, and such is the nature of this chapter within the Conspiracy Theory of Everything.

Upon exploring the spiritual path, we can see that we remain complacent due to our soul’s disconnection, for when we live from the ego, we live as self-centered, materialistic pleasure-seeking beings who do not actively perceive or care for the search for anything more significant. The soul is the voice of truth, love, and compassion within you, the most authentic and highest version of yourself. The eye of awareness within your heart connects you to everything that sees and knows that everything is connected. However, there are so many who are disconnected from the soul in mass and don’t even believe it exists. Thus, the groups ridiculed and demeaned ideas like this, which further perpetuates human consciousness’s soulless body running rampant. A body of ego. This makes it very easy for the elite to control the collective mind. Because we are not operating from a state of higher collective consciousness, we are operating as if chickens with our heads cut off.

Yet if a glimpse of the soul can be seen, which often happens through lucid dreams, near-death experiences, psychedelic experiences, or other personal transformational revelations, an individual is usually changed forever. It is challenging to go back to the way things were when you suddenly see and experience within that you are a part of something so much greater than yourself and that your thoughts, feelings, and actions have a direct impact on the world around you. How could you go back to being ignorant of this once you know a higher truth?

We must be mindful that solving this problem must be taken from both ends of the spectrum. Justice must be served, and those who perpetuate the crimes against humanity, the mass manipulation, the pedophiles, the rapists, the murderers, must all be brought to justice.

Yet, if we think this will solve all of our problems, we are sorely mistaken, for if we remain asleep and complacent, we remove one leader, and a new one will take its place, and the cycle continues forever. Thus, the other half of the equation is that we must also take it upon ourselves, each of us, to evolve our way of thinking — to heal the connection with our soul, and be examples of what it means to be virtuous, soulful, compassionate.

Yet, this is only still just the beginning. Our journey of waking up also stands in alignment with the evolution of technology and the introduction of new tech, which will forever shape the future as we know it.



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