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13 min readMar 17, 2021

Very recently, several key spirit science episodes were demonetized for strange reasons. Along with the last Conspiracy Episode, Our Hollow Earth episode was flagged for hate speech, and Everything is Connected deemed unfit for most audiences and age-restricted. Please use the link below to join Spirit Conspiracies and access this conspiracy content free, just if it disappears from the public eye…

The subject of ExtraTerrestrials has mystified humanity for countless generations. The question of “are we alone in the universe” has inspired us to push forward and advance as a species in the search for life in the great beyond, but to this day — judging by the way people generally treat the subject, it would appear that we have yet to make any form of substantial contact… However, awareness of a more profound truth, that something is being hidden from us is regularly being leaked to this day.

Let’s start with some basics, which would be UFO’s, which we all know stands for Unidentified Flying Objects, or as they’re beginning to be called today, UAV’s, Unidentified Aerial Vehicles.

Shortly after the two atomic bombs went off during World War 2, UFO sightings spiked around the world. Hundreds of UFOs reports began to emerge in the decade following the incident, and it was in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, that things got interesting. Stories of a UFO crash landing in the shape of a flying disc inspired tremendous interest in the possible alien activity as the US Military quickly quarantined and cleaned up the site, claiming it was merely a weather balloon.

This was the beginning. Today, thanks to modern technology, especially cell phones, we have access to thousands, if not tens of thousands of seemingly unexplainable UFO sightings from around the world.

My personal favorite is the Dome of the Rock incident from 2011. Several independent people caught footage of a bright glowing and… oscillating.. orb that descended over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. After hovering over the sacred temple for several moments, it shot upwards with tremendous speed, disappearing into the sky.

In more recent times, a video that was leaked several years ago was released by none other than the Pentagon, featuring three separate accounts of US military pilots attempting to track and follow incredibly fast-moving aerial ships, without any clue as to what they were.

Along with curious phenomena like these, we also have a long list of ex-military officials who have claimed to have either seen or even had some level of interaction with these crafts, identifying that not only are they real, but they have no idea what they are.

One exciting subject in this discussion is Robert Dean, a retired command sergeant major who, after that job, became a ufologist and had been very public about his experiences with UFOs and ET’s up until his passing away in 2018. At one point, he gave a presentation, the whole thing of which you can find available on Youtube, accounting for many of the things he saw in the military and NASA. The most interesting of which being the story of what happened during the real moon landing.

Now, many people today believe the moon landing itself is a conspiracy, that it was faked because of certain things that stand out about the moon landing that doesn’t make sense, such as why the crosshairs of the camera appear behind a particular object on the screen or the strange thing in the reflection of the astronaut’s visor. But what Robert Dean has described was that there was a real moon landing, but what happened was that upon arriving at the moon, what the astronauts found was that it was populated. According to him, little alien people were walking all over the place, ships flying through the … well, I’d call it “air,” but I guess they don’t have oxygen up there, huh?

This was such a shock to the astronauts that they returned with 40 rolls of film of what they saw, and Nasa supposedly destroyed it after their visit. The thinking seems that the revelation of this truth was so out there that NASA buried the truth because of what would happen to the world if this truth was to get out. Now, I’m not saying I’m in support of hiding the truth, but at the same time, think of how many religious beliefs would be shattered from this truth? How much chaos would be caused if, all of a sudden, our entire global paradigm was to change in an instant?

Again, I’m not saying that they are destroying the footage; if it did happen, it was a good thing, but at the very least, try to see things from every perspective. Specifically, there was an ex CIA operative who spoke with AJ+ at one point. She described that the single most important thing she learned from her time as basically a spy was that “everyone believes they are the good guy.” Even if this event happened, whoever at NASA who controlled all of this information probably did it believing they were doing the right thing.

Now, we will return to Robert Dean at another point soon because he shared something else that was very interesting; however — first, we have to discuss this.

You may be familiar with a man named Bob Lazar, one of — if not the first to come forward with inside leaks about the secret government UFO programs. He claimed to have been hired in the late 1980s to reverse-engineer purported extraterrestrial technology at what he described as a secret site called “S-4”, a site similar to and relatively close to Area 51. He explains that he had access to a recovered UFO ship and, for several years — was attempting to discover the secrets of how it worked.

Lazar claimed that the propulsion of the studied vehicle was fueled by the chemical element with the atomic number 115,-known today as Moscovium, or “E115”, which at the time was named ununpentium since it hadn’t been created then. However, It was first synthesized in 2003 by a joint team of Russian and American scientists for real. He said that the propulsion system relied on a stable isotope of E115, which supposedly generates a gravity wave after being excited by Livermorium -element 116 during proton bombardment. He argued that the decay products brought about by the reaction between the two aspects would include gravitons, a hypothetical quantum particle that is thought to be responsible for gravity.

In his new documentary on Netflix, he used the analogy that the craft is kind of like a bowling ball. If you were to put the ball onto a piece of fabric or your bed sheet and then proceeded to push down on the areas around it, the bowling ball would “fall” forward into the bends and gaps that you create around it. In this way, the craft would kinda “fall” through space by distorting space-time around it, like in a continuous rolling motion. This is what allowed the vehicle to fly and to evade visual detection by bending light around it. He said it levitated silently, and when it was activated, he was unable to even put his hand on it because a force would repel his hand away, like a strong gravitational field.

According to intel that he received while at S-4, the ship (which was one of nine that the Military had access to) — was originally from the twin binary star system called Zeta Reticuli and had belonged to the Greys, which are the most common vision of aliens that we generally see today when you think of what an “Alien” might look like.

He also explained that the way the military worked was SO secretive that they wouldn’t even let the various divisions studying the craft to communicate with each other, so progress on reverse-engineering the technology was very slow. While one group would be working on controls, another on propulsion, and another on… you get the idea. Still, due to this isolation, they wouldn’t readily identify how the different parts of the ship were interconnected and worked together, and thus reverse engineering became very difficult. This was incredibly challenging because, supposedly, the ship was entirely interconnected. There weren’t any moving parts; it seemed to be one singular solid object. The seat and floor and panels and walls were all one singular material, with no sharp edges anywhere, an entirely different kind of machine than anything we’re used to today.

Now, after Lazar came out publicly about this, his life fell apart. Many people quickly looked into his life and found that he seemingly never had any of the education degrees he claimed to have. Yet, upon more in-depth investigation, documents stored away in his old university proved that he was telling the truth. Bob explained that after he came out publicly, he received a phone call from his ex-employers, who said, “Do you have any idea what we’re going to do to you now that you’ve done this?” — and for many years, Bob suffered as much of his past was erased. He was made to look like a fool in front of the masses.

Now, Bob’s story is an exciting one. My highest recommendation is checking out the documentary he created with Jeremy Corbell called “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers” — as well as the Joe Rogan Podcast that he appeared on, where he goes deep into the story of what happened and what he learned.

But Bob isn’t the only one to come forward with some very fascinating story, and this brings us to Dr. Steven Greer, who founded the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (or CSETI) in 1990 to create a diplomatic and research-based initiative to contact extraterrestrial civilizations, along with The Disclosure Project in 1993, a research project devoted to disclosing to the public information that the government and military supposedly have had regarding the existence of UFOs and ET’s.

The organization claims to have over 3,000 ‘confirmed’ reports of UFO sightings by pilots and over 4,000 proofs of what they describe as ‘landing traces,’ evidence of UFOs landing on the earth and leaving behind a sort of electromagnetic signature. If we pair this with what Bob Lazar said, it’s entirely possible these ships could be bending light, altogether invisible to us, though perhaps not high-level Military scanners?

Dr. Greer also appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast many years ago and explained some exciting things. He received from a collection of over 30 documents from the NRO, NSA, CIA, FBI, and Presidential Briefings that the way these ships work and how these ET’s understand the universe is leagues beyond our own.

He described that while today we believe that Light is the fastest thing in the universe, this is only a barrier, and on the other side of the speed of light are laws that are governed by some super-consciousness. It is from this higher awareness that interdimensional travel becomes possible, and you can move throughout the universe nearly instantaneously without worrying about the speed of light, which is too slow to travel at if you’re going from solar system to solar system, or especially across a galaxy.

This is incredibly important to us because it’s relative to the idea that consciousness and conscious thought actively steer the field of reality that creates the experiences you have. This is a subject we will return to shortly; however — this conversation has one massive implication.

You see, one thing that Dr. Greer explained was that the significance of Alien life to us isn’t all about the ET’s at all, but about the technology. If made available to the general public, this technology would completely transform life on earth forever, the very instant that it became available. Imagine suddenly being able to travel to distant planets, explore the universe, and forget having the power to fuel the world’s energy requirements forever; you’d have enough power to blow up a planet if you wanted to. This has tremendous implications for it and may even be part of the reasoning for keeping the technology hidden for now. The question arises, is this technology hidden so that only the secret rulers of the world can have it, or is it because humanity is not yet ready to inherit such a gift?

One final piece in the ET and UFO conspiracy is the concept of the Hoaxed Alien Attack. The late Dr. Wernher Von Braun, the top nazi scientist of Hitler’s army, who, after WW2, came to the united states to work for the US government. Funny how that happens… On his deathbed, he theorized that after a war with the Middle East, one day, there would be a hoaxed alien attack, which was a part of the secret plan to weaponize space and control the world. He urged Dr. Rosin, his secretary, to thwart this plan above all else, because if this were to happen, and space was weaponized, whoever controlled these powers would have complete and supreme control over everyone. The world would fall under the full control of the oppressors.

Now, the subject of ET’s does not end here, however, because there is also the reptilian conspiracy. Most famously brought to public attention by the British Conspiracy Theorist David Icke, it’s become one of the most infamous and famous conspiracy theories ever, sparking numerous parodies and commentaries in the media and tv shows. To put it merely, Icke believes that an inter-dimensional race of reptilian entities known as Archons have hijacked the earth and are stopping humanity from realizing our true potential.

He has argued that these “Archons” are the same beings mentioned in many Gnostic Texts that identify them as demons and rulers of the seven planets in various traditions — mostly having the ultimate goal of preventing souls from leaving the material realm. He claims that they have gone by many names throughout history, including the Annunaki from Sumerian Myth and the Watchers and Nephilim from the book of Enoch. He argues that human sacrifice “to the gods” in the ancient world was actually for the reptilians’ benefit, especially the gift of children because he tells us that “at the moment of death by sacrifice a form of adrenaline surges through the body, accumulating at the base of the brain, and is more potent in children,” something that is today, reminiscent of Adrenochrome.

Bringing it more into the modern-day, he claims that a genetically modified human-Archon hybrid race of shape-shifting reptilians, known as the “Babylonian Brotherhood” or the Illuminati/Freemasons to us today, manipulate global events to keep humans in constant fear so that the Archons can feed off the “negative energy” this creates. He has also claimed that the members of this secret elite are descended from Reptilians coming from the Draco constellation.

He’s stated that the reptilians come from another planet and another dimension, the lower level of the fourth dimension, which he calls the astral plane, the one nearest the physical world. As of 2003, when his books initially brought this theory out, he’s said that the reptilian bloodline includes all American presidents, three British and two Canadian prime ministers, several Sumerian kings and Egyptian pharaohs, and a whole bunch of celebrities. Remember when that article went viral about how Justin Bieber turned into a giant reptile in front of everyone? Some of the more prominent bloodlines are said to include the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, various wealthy European families, the establishment families of the Eastern United States, and the British royal family…He has said in numerous interviews that he saw former British Prime Minister Ted Heath’s eyes turn entirely “jet black” while the two men waited for a Sky News interview in 1989

Ultimately, the Global Elite make up the top of the pyramid for the reptilians in the modern-day. All with the intent to keep us sedated and trapped in this reality without gaining a higher knowledge. At the top of the Global Elite are what Icke has referred to as the “Prison Wardens” who oversee us in what is -to them, just a prison world.

Along with the New World Order, their main goal is apparently to create a microchipped population, a one-world government, and a global Orwellian fascist state, which he claims will be a post-truth era where freedom of speech has ended. And how are they planning to do this, you might ask? Well…if Icke is to be believed, then the brotherhood either created or controls everything. Things like the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, Round Table, the Council on Foreign Relations, Chatham House, the Club of Rome, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group, as well as the media, military, CIA, MI6, Mossad, scientific publications, most religious doctrine, and even the internet.

In other words, they control every aspect of our society and can make us believe what they want when they want.

Before we move on, I think it’s essential that we now revisit Bob Dean and an exciting story that he shared during the European Exopolitics Summit in 2009. He described that he was attending his son’s retirement ceremony from the US Navy in Washington, DC. At this event, there were many active and retired generals, admirals, captains, and more. One particular retired Navy Scientist approached him and said, “Hey, I know you — you’re that retired command sergeant major who has opened up about the UFOS. I have a story for you — that my last government job was as a plasma fusion physicist at a top-secret place outside of Los Vegas, and I was working for five years with two guys… who were not from here. They were from somewhere else, delightful people, supporting us in figuring out plasma fusion — which equates to infinite energy forever…

The man said, “after a few years of working with these guys, I approached one of them and asked “What do you think of us, humans?” and the alien said, “Well since you’ve asked… we think you are a primitive, savage, and dangerous race.” The other alien who was listening in then leaned in and said, “You also smell bad.” and he explained that it’s not really about our bodies. However, yes, we have polluted our bodies and the earth to a wild extent — but that we also have a psychic odor about us; our thoughts and feelings are so harmful that other higher species find it offensive.

While this story is actually kind of funny, it’s also something we should take very seriously. According to the reports and expressions from many whistleblowers, the other species interacting with us are mostly benevolent. If we can listen to what they have to say — and do some meaningful self-reflection — it may just help us to clear out our negativity, release ourselves from any reptilian or other controlling influences, and put us into a position to meet some cool otherworldly species.



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