Cycles N’ Sine Waves

Cycles are everywhere in our natural and technological world, and this episode explores the natures of cycles and sine waves.

Cycles occur naturally in nature, like the rising and setting of the sun, the cycle of the seasons, the blooming and dying of a flower, all of which repeats itself forever. Then we have our own man-made cycles, like time, daily routines, the economy, the creation and destruction of new and old inventions.

There are many smaller cycles within larger cycles as well, like a year of the earth rotating around the sun. Or even in our own bodies, our breath and eating food is a continuous and important cycle we need.

Our breath can be an example of a sine wave, as we inhale, we go up the sine wave and as we exhale, we go down the wave.

We can use these cycles very practically in our daily lives. If we wake up with the sun and stay in tune with the day, we can use each day to the fullest. Energetically, we need to be aware of both sides of a cycle.

We could describe it as positive and negative, but it doesn’t necessarily mean good or bad, it’s just either side of a cycle.

In this video, Patchman describes that we need to be balanced on either side. If we constantly tell ourselves everything is just love and light when things are going poorly in our life, that creates a huge imbalance in our being. We need to be real with ourselves and see either side of the cycle and adjust accordingly.

If we are experiencing a great deal of distress in our life, we need to shift the patterns of our ways of being to properly experience both sides of the cycle. There should be a balance of light and dark in our reality, for we need one for the other to exist.

A cycle looks like an ebb and flows, back and forth, yin and yang. It’s not a loop simply going in a circle, but rather the shape of an infinity sign. It is a never-ending flow that, when we are in alignment with, can create the most harmonious experiences for us that we can use for the highest good!


The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 2

Black Whole — Nassim Haramein

Heart Math Institute

Institute of Noetic Sciences

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Spirit Science

Spirit Science

Spirit Science is a platform for the evolution of consciousness!

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