The Vacuum of Space

This episode focuses on the vacuum of space and how our current perception of space and vacuums work. We also go back to exploring the vast mystery that is black holes once again! Someone asked Patchman why he doesn’t relate a black hole to that of a vacuum. He answered with, where’s the motor, the bag, the power source?

A black hole is a lot more like a whirlpool of water. Especially if we look at it from above, it looks flat on the surface of the water, a lot like the typical model of a black hole.

From underneath, we can see the water flows downwards and gets denser the farther it goes as the weight of the water creates a dense pressure.

The brilliant physicist Nassim Haramein has created some incredible work to describe how the vacuum of space works through different geometries which can represent the male and female forms. Nassim even suggests that the entire universe itself may, in fact, be inside a supermassive black hole.

Just like a piece of paper when folded in half touches each other, black holes in our universe might operate the same. When you go into one, theoretically, you can come out on the other side because everything is connected.

This video also looks at the 64 point star tetrahedron as being a fundamental geometry in creating the very fabric of the vacuum of space! “Within 64 perfectly stacked tetrahedrons, exist 2 octaves of a perfectly balanced geometry called the cube octahedron, or what Buckminster Fuller called the vector equilibrium. According to the physics of Nassim Haramein, the 64 tetrahedron grid is the seed geometry of what eventually becomes, with more and more octave growth, the infinite holofractographic vacuum structure of the entire universe.”

If you are interested in learning more check the sources links below!

Black Whole — Nassim Haramein

Stephen Hawking — Time Traveling Particles


Faster-Than-Light Discovery Raises Prospect of Time Travel

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Spirit Science

Spirit Science

Spirit Science is a platform for the evolution of consciousness!

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