The Hidden Spirituality of The Truman Show

The Truman Show is a deeply powerful and profound movie! May this episode of Hidden Spirituality serve as our homage to a movie that delivers the same impact as The Matrix but in an entirely comical sort of way!

Secret information for people who pay attention to descriptions:

One thing we didn’t cover in this (but should have!) was this idea that the human story is actually very unique to the universe. In The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life — Dru describes that all of the other ascended species in the cosmos (and there’s tons!) are all watching us intently, to see the outcome of how things go for our evolution. In this way, maybe we are ARE on a cosmic universe Truman show, and every single one of us are the main character, together!

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Spirit Science is a platform for the evolution of consciousness!

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Spirit Science

Spirit Science

Spirit Science is a platform for the evolution of consciousness!

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