The Math of God

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2 min readDec 21, 2020

Patchman begins the exploration into the Math of God by describing the Phi ratio, also known as the golden ratio. It is a perfect, infinite ratio that can be found everywhere in nature. From flowers, animals, and ancient buildings, all the way to our very bodies, this perfect ratio can be found everywhere.

In a simple description, it is the natural structure and proportions that all life grows through.

The next sequence we explore is called the Fibonacci sequence, which is life’s way of creating the golden mean. It’s created by adding the previous number to the current one, and continues on forever, which gets closer and closer to the phi ratio but never quite making it to full perfection. This idea is fundamental to an essential spiritual philosophy — honoring the imperfections of life and striving for perfection, and knowing that we will never quite get there because the road and journey through lifetimes and beyond is an infinite journey with an infinite number of lessons.

This pattern can be observed in the center of flowers and in many natural objects like shells, pine cones, and even the spiraling arms of galaxies themselves. From the microcosm to the macrocosm, spirals and the phi ratio are a divine part of existence.

Finally, Patchman goes on to describe something called binary sequences, which is when a number doubles each time, instead of adding it to the previous one. They are found everywhere in life as well, like in cell division or computer processes. This system is also important to the evolution of life. You might see these two sequences as a yin and yang of that which makes up everything!

The more we can understand what creates reality on a scientific and physical level, the deeper we can explore it mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with greater clarity.



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